In Texas, 249,241 persons were injured in motor vehicle crashes in 2018. Among these car accidents, there were 14,908 serious injury crashes and 3,639 deaths. While these car accident statistics are shocking, the costs and losses associated to these accidents and the impact they have on those involved are even more staggering once the total impact and losses are accident attorneys

Car accidents happen for many reasons, not just irresponsible drivers. Bad weather is a major cause of car accidents. Dangerous roads or road conditions, and poor roadway planning and signaling design are often found to be the cause of car accidents. Poor vehicle maintenance and vehicle malfunction are also major contributing factors to car accidents. And of course, driver behavior. Driver distractions such as the use of cell phones and texting while driving, loud music, other passengers in the vehicle, and being too tired to drive safely are all common causes of car accidents. Regardless of why an accident happened, anyone involved in a car accident should seek the advice of an experienced lawyer before speaking to the other parties involved, their representatives, or their insurance company.

It is the driver’s responsibility in the State of Texas to operate their vehicle in a reasonably safe manner. Driving within the speed limit, paying close attention to other drivers, taking into account road conditions while driving, not driving in an aggressive manner, and obeying all traffic signals and signs are the responsibility of every driver.

Any driver who operates their vehicle in an unsafe or careless way is breaching their legal responsibility as the driver of a motor vehicle. And breaching this responsibility is called “negligence.” If an accident is caused by a person who is found to be legally negligent because they did not operate their vehicle in a reasonably safe manner, and as a result, is found to be responsible for an accident, that person can be held responsible for the costs of all injuries, damages, and losses that occurred because of the accident.

If you have been involved in or injured in a car accident, it is important to collect as much information as possible from the other driver(s). Especially if you believe the other driver was the cause of the car accident. You and your attorney will need to establish negligence on the part of the other driver before they can be held responsible for the accident.

In order to make a claim for damages, lost wages, medical bills, and any other associated costs or losses, your attorney will need to formulate a claim based on medical records, pay records and work attendance records, vehicle repair or replacement costs, and other information. Often our clients do not fully realize how the accident has and will affect their lives. We believe it is our responsibility as your lawyer to help you consider all possible effects that your accident will have on you and your family, initially and for months or possibly years into the future. Our goal is to assure you that you are made whole again and are properly compensated for all damages and injuries resulting from your car accident.

The car accident lawyers at our Law Firm are experts in negotiating fair settlements with insurance companies and when necessary, winning lawsuits for our clients. We have a thorough working knowledge of the personal injury laws and how they apply to car accidents. Our experienced legal team can help you through the process of being fairly and adequately compensated for all of your losses, damages, and injuries. Call our car accident lawyers for a free case evaluation.

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